28 Sep 2016

Child stroller Smarty by Lorelli – review

The comfortable, easy to navigate and safe child stroller SMARTY is the right choice for every parent.

26 Sep 2016

Development of your child week by week – week 14

Your little baby is already starting to pull conclusions about the world around him/her...

23 Sep 2016

Stroller LAGUNA by Lorelli – Review

LAGUNA by Lorelli, with which all participants in the walk will be satisfied...

21 Sep 2016

How to burp your newborn

If your child feels uncomfortable during feeding, it is crying or pulling away - try to burp it.

16 Sep 2016

Car seat LIFESAVER by Lorelli – review

Elegant and luxurious carry cot for babies weighing up to 13 kg...

13 Sep 2016

Healthy sleep habits for children aged 18-24 months

Some of the most common sleep problems in children of this age are - difficulty falling asleep and frequent awakenings at night.

07 Sep 2016

Baby cot ARENA 2 Layers Plus by Lorelli – review

Arena 2 layers plus is compact and practical proposal to the needs of your child to play in safe and fun place.

05 Sep 2016

Healthy sleep habits for children aged 12-18 months

At 12 months, your child will still need a few quick naps, but until 18 months it will be able to take a longer afternoon nap...

24 Aug 2016

Stroller S200 by Lorelli – review

Stroller S200 by Lorelli is the perfect choice for long walks...

22 Aug 2016

Development of your child week by week – week 13

Touching is a very powerful way to soothe your child - little kiss on the nose, taking it in your hands, very gentle massage and...

18 Aug 2016

Feeding chair OLIVER by Lorelli – review

The feeding chair needs to provide quality and comfort. That's why we recommend OLIVER...

15 Aug 2016

Pregnancy sleeping problems

You will surely have trouble sleeping during pregnancy, especially during the first and third trimester. Do not despair - there is a solution...

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