27 Feb 2017

Tricycle NEO with air tires by Lorelli – review

Tricycle NEO comes with air tires and can be purchased in 5 beautiful, fresh colors...

21 Feb 2017

Development of your child week by week – week 19

Your baby will add new sounds its speaking repertoire...

16 Feb 2017

Child stroller MIA 2in1 by Lorelli – review

MIA 2in1 stroller comes with air tires in three stylish colors - gray, dark beige and light beige.

13 Feb 2017

Tips for safe child bathing (from 12 to 24 months of age)

Consider the following tips to protect your child during bathing time...

10 Feb 2017

Car seat OMEGA+SPS by Lorelli – review

Car seat OMEGA+SPS comes in 5 beautiful color combinations...

07 Feb 2017

What every child need to thrive (part 2)

Even the simplest daily activities stimulate senses and the development of the children's brains.

03 Feb 2017

Feeding chair BOBO by Lorelli – review

Highchair BOBO by Lorelli comes in several beautiful colors, with fun figures and characters...

01 Feb 2017

What every child need to thrive (part 1)

Love and attention during the first years of the toddler’s life have a direct impact on physical, mental and emotional development...

27 Jan 2017

Stroller CARERRA 4 by Lorelli – review

With stroller CARERRA 4 you make the best decision regarding the pleasant walks of your little treasure.

25 Jan 2017

Development of your child week by week – week 18

Encourage your child’s laughter by making funny faces and other funny activities...

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19 Jan 2017

Child car seat iMAX ISOFIX by Lorelli – review

Every great journey of a toddler starts with choosing a quality car seat...

16 Jan 2017

10 nutrients every child needs

Which are the nutrients which every child needs?

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