28 Apr 2017

Car seat BODYGUARD by Lorelli – review

With car seat BODYGUARD everyone in the car enjoys the nice trip...

24 Apr 2017

Development of your child week by week – week 21

Your baby can now hold the feeding bottle...

Tags: care tips
21 Apr 2017

Baby stroller TERRA by Lorelli – review

Baby stroller TERRA by Lorelli is the awesome choice for those long walks under the sun.

19 Apr 2017

Mood swings during pregnancy (part 2)

Try to remind yourself that such a state is normal at the moment...

14 Apr 2017

Tricycle LEXUS by Lorelli – review

Movement is fun, when it comes to the small child...

11 Apr 2017

Mood swings during pregnancy (part 1)

Everyone responds to these changes in a different way...

06 Apr 2017

Children’s bed SWEET DREAM by Lorelli – review

And when it comes to children’s beds, SWEET DREAM by Lorelli is the perfect choice for the first bed...

Tags: beds
04 Apr 2017

How to deal with my 1-year-old’s need of attention?

Children at the age of 1 are quite demanding...

Tags: care
28 Mar 2017

Baby cot DANNY 2 Layers Rocker by Lorelli – review

DANNY 2 layers Rocker is compact and practical proposal to the needs of your child...

23 Mar 2017

Development of your child week by week – week 20

Your baby can now recognize its name ...

Tags: care tips
20 Mar 2017

Combi stroller KARA 3in1 by Lorelli – review

KARA 3in1 by Lorelli is just the right stroller for the situation – provides quality, comes in beautiful colors, versatile and with air tires.

17 Mar 2017

Child car seat SIGMA+SPS by Lorelli – review

Convenient, safe and modern with SPS system for lateral protection. SIGMA is the right choice for the safety of every child.

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