• 4 wheels, 2 front wheels rotating 360 degrees
  • anti-sliding silicone stoppers for higher safey
  • colorful board with HELICOPTER shape and toys help build baby’s imagination
  • musical panel with 12 melodies and lights /using 2 AA+, 1,5V batteries which are not included in the set/

The metal and plastic parts should be cleaned with cold water and soft detergent.

For the protection of the baby’s healthy and cleanness the seat should always be washed and dried.

Store the product in a dry placeDo not expose the item to the effects of atmospheric agents as water, rain, snow, damp or strong sunlight.

Do not use the walker near fire or any other source of intense.

Check the belts, bolts and all parts before use.

Do not use the walker if any part is broken or missing.

Never use spare parts other than those approved by the manufacturer or by the distributor.

This product is produced in accordance with the European Safety Standard EN 1273  - "Child use and care articles - Baby walking frames - Safety requirements and test methods.", ensuring maximum safety and comfort for your child.

Never leave the child unattended!
Prevent access to stairs, steps and uneven surfaces!
This product is intended only for a child who can sit up by itself and until it is able to walk by itself or weighs more than 12 kg!

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