• high quality foam
  • prevents the water to penetrate into baby ears
  • funny shape which turns the bath to a game
  • additional funny shaped sponges included in the package
  • 48х27х8 cm

Please before you use carefully read the instructions!

PDF fileSoft Mattress "MIDI"_Manual Instruction
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An adult must watch infants and young children in the bathtub at all times. Never leave a child unattended during the bath time!

The sponge bath pad should be disinfected before the first bath and before each subsequent bath. To disinfect it, place the sponge bath pad in a large container and keep it completely submerged in boiling water (at least 2-3 liters of water). Remove water and leave to cool.

Scald the baby bath and run warm water (around 37o C or 98.9 degrees Fahrenheit). Place the disinfected sponge bath pad.

The water level in the baby bath must not be higher than the sponge bath pad's height.

After the bath, wash the sponge bath pad in clean water using baby soap and rinse well. Remove excess water by rolling it up gently, starting from the thinner end. Do not wring the sponge bath pad to prevent sponge from breaking.

Allow the sponge bath pad to dry out after each wash. Dry sponge makes it impossible for harmful microorganisms to grow and it helps you to keep proper hygiene.

It is recommended that you replace the pad after about two months of use or in the event of heavy dirt.

A parent/ caretaker must be with a child during the bath time at all times!

Drownings can happen in seconds, even in very little water(± 2 cm).

The recommended safe water level should not be higher than the pad's height. Water must not reach the baby's mouth even if she turns on her side.

You should keep an eye on the baby's position during the bath time.

The bath sponge pad does not provide any additional protection from drowning dangers and it is not a substitute for active adult supervision.

The drowning risk is greatest for babies under 9 months.

The bath sponge pad must not be used for any purpose other than to support the baby's head and body during the bath time.

The baby must not be carried on the bath sponge pad.

Plastic bags can be dangerous. To avoid danger of suffocation, remove this plastic cover before using this product.

This cover should be recycled or kept away from babies and children if it contains important information.

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