• adjustable and comfort backrest
  • foldable canopy
  • toy basket
  • ringbell
  • detachable front fence
  • foldable footrest
  • knob type clutch of the front wheel
  • footrest for small children
  • safety belts

Please before you use carefully read the instructions!

PDF fileTricycle JET /Eva Wheels/_Manual Instruction
(PDF File) 22 148KB

Please check that whether the fixed parts are fixed tightly, flexible or not. If there are damaged parts change them immediately. Regularly check for loose screws.

The article adopts tubes, plastic, ticker paper and cloth, avoid being used or kept in the moisture and very cold or high temperature for a long time.

Clean the article with wet cloth.

WARNING! If the product has been used on the beach, clean it so as to remove the sand or salt from the moving parts and wheels.

This product is produced in accordance with the European Safety Standard EN 71 - Safety of toys.
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