• ergonomic handles
  • easy foldable
  • 5 point safety belt
  • swiveling front wheels
  • footrest

Please before you use carefully read the instructions!

PDF fileBaby Stroller FLASH_Manual Instruction
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Fabric should be cleaned with warm water and soft detergentDo not bleach. Do not ironDry out of direct sunlight.

The plastic parts should be cleaned with cloth, water and soft detergent.

The metal parts should be cleaned with damp cloth and then should be dried.

After use on particularly dusty or dirty terrain, the wheel unit should be cleaned and lubricated with an oil to ensure a really smooth ride.

When storing never place other items on or in the stroller!

Check for damaged parts regularly and replace them immediately!

Never use spare parts other than those approved by the manufacturer or by the distributor.

This product is produced in accordance with the European Safety Standard EN1888 – Child care articles . Wheeled child conveyances. Safety requirements and test methods.
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