About Us

   DIDIS OOD has been a market leader in the field of manufacturing, import and export of baby and child products of the brands LORELLI and BERTONI for 20 years. The staff of the company numbers 150 employees and its storage and manufacturing facilities cover an area of 15 000 m2

   Our product range includes prams, car seats, high-chairs, sleep-n-play go, cots, mattresses, bedding and accessories, multifunctional toys – anything necessary to fulfil the needs of families with children and make their everyday life easier. 

   Each year we create a new collection which makes our unique products stand out from the rest. Our experience helps us ensure the safety and comfort of the children and their parents. We work together with the biggest chains both on the domestic and foreign markets - METRO, KAUFLAND, CARREFOUR, AUSHAN, CORA and many others. 

   Our company has built commercial networks and serves customers and business partners in over 50 countries among which are Romania, Hungary, Austria, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Russia, Belarus, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Spain, Italy and many others. 

   We keep on enlarging our product portfolio using new designs and modernized traditional products. Our team creates each new collection with care to our small customers ensuring their maximum comfort and fun. 

   The safety of our products is ensured as they have been tested in accordance with the requirements of all European standards. 

   Please, find further information about our products on http://www.lorelli.eu, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.